Director : Jacek Koprowicz
Screenplay : Jacek Koprowicz
Actors : Jerzy Stuhr, Maciej Stuhr, Ewa Błaszczyk, Karolina Gruszka
Year of production : 2010
Running time : 104 min

Father and son Jerzy and Maciej Stuhr star in Mystification, a film about the mysterious “supposed” death of Polish artist Stanisław “Witkacy” Witkiewicz.
The movie explores the controversial case of a suicide committed by the Polish artist in 1939, which was frequently disputed due to several pieces of mystifying evidence. In 1988 an exhumation proved that the supposed body of the painter and writer was replaced by the remains of a 30-year-old woman, and several new works of art contributed to Witkacy, as well as letters dated after his death, kept appearing over the years.
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (called Witkacy) was a famous Polish writer, painter, photographer and philosopher. The author of Farewell To Autumn (1927), Insatiability (1930) and The Shoemakers (1934), he was constantly looking for new inspirations. He liked to tease, provoke and stimulate the artistic experience.
“Witkacy crossed all boarders and rules, he was uncompromising. He experimented – also with himself and he paid he highest price for it,” said Jacek Koprowicz, the director.

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