The sailor's stories

Director : Marcin Latałło
Screenplay : Marcin Latałło
Actors : Marcin Latałło (Sailor), Julia Pietrucha (Kasia), Ewa Szykulska (Mrs Renia), Zygmunt Malanowicz (Mr Wiesio), Monika Buchowiec (Stefcia), Justyna Wasilewska (Asia), Aleksandra Wiśniewska (Pati), Mateusz Młodzianowski (Przemo), Adam Fidusiewicz (Krzysiek)
Year of production : 2015
Running time : 90 min

The sailor is a man caught between two worlds: memory and oblivion, fact and fiction. Wanting to settle down, he arrives in Łódź - a city that has no sea access, contrary to what its name (Polish for 'boat') might suggest. Will he be able to find his place in the real world, not just in his imagined world?

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