Festival events in the Filmhouse

Filmhouse is not solely one of the Play Poland Festival venues. Among all the festival sites , Summerhall and Meow Studios included, Filmhouse is a special venue as it holds the first screening of a feature film and it is widely known that it is the feature film that is the essence of the Play Poland.


On October 3rd , at 5:55 pm, we would like to invite you to 88 Lothian Road, where the following screenings will take place every Thursday evening. This year’s PPFF opens with the screening of “In the Name of…” (“W Imię”) by Szumowska. Besides this film, visitors of Filmhouse may watch “Manhunt” (“Obława”) by Krzyształowicz, “Shameless” (“Bez wstydu”) by Marczewski, “Siberian Exile” (“Syberiada Polska”) by Zaorski, “Three Sisters T” (“Trzy Siostry T”) by Kowalewski and “In a Bedroom” (“W sypialni”) by Wasilewski. An interior of the Filmhouse will be also used as a gallery for the poster exhibition of this year’s star guest of the Festival – Andrzej Pągowski (October 6th – October 20th ) and also of other artists, such as Jerzy Flisak (October 20th – November 3rd) and Jakub Erol (November 3rd – November 17th).
The feature films: “In the Name of…”, “Manhunt”, “Shameless”, “Siberian Exile”, “Three Sisters T”
Shortly after its Polish première, “In the Name of…” by Małgorzata Szumowska is going to be presented at the Play Poland Film Festival (October 3rd, 2013, Filmhouse) for the international audience. After the controversial “Elles” the director chose another taboo subject – equipped with the camera, she entered an inaccessible for ordinary people enclave of clergymen.
The viewers will also see an unconventional way of presenting an assumedly familiar subject in “Manhunt” by Krzyształowicz. This film about struggling with a past and situated in a partisan reality met with great acclaim in Poland and now is going to be presented in Edinburgh on October 10th.
“Shameless” by Marczewski shows another tragedy resulting from the confrontation of personal desires with social norms. On October 17th the audience will have a chance to follow the complicated relations between brother and sister.
In turn, “Siberian Exile” tells a moving story of the fate of the Polish deported to Siberia in the ‘40s. This big project made by Janusz Zaorski’s became a block-buster in Poland cinemas half a year ago. On October 24th we will discover what the reaction of Polish community abroad is.
According to critics “Three Sisters T” is a film that presents an uncommon in Polish cinematography perspective. This thriller, emerging from a seemingly safe situation of living together with three elderly ladies, will be presented on October 31st.
The last Festival screening in Filmhouse is “In a Bedroom” – a masterpiece made by talented Tomasz Wasilewski with an excellent cast e.g. Katarzyna Herman and Agata Buzek. This film about a feeling of being lost modern urban life and the motives for some unusual habit will be screened in Edinburgh on October 7th.
Andrzej Pągowski, Jerzy Flisak and Jakub Erol – film poster exhibitions at the Play Poland Film Festival
Filmhouse is going to be one of the places holdingthe exhibition of film posters created by this year’s star of the Festival – Andrzej Pągowski . The famous Polish graphic artist is coming to Edinburgh to hold a lecture, to conduct workshops of a poster creation and to meet with the admirers of his art. The artist is going to appear in person in Meow Studios and from October 6th it will be possible to get acquainted with his graphics in Filmhouse. The important part of every edition of the Play Poland are film poster exhibitions and it won’t be different this year. Beside Pągowski there are many other expositions planned, which present a history of the Polish School of Posters represented i.a. by Jerzy Flisak and Jakub Erol.
For about one month, every Thursday evening we invite you to Filmhouse for feature screenings and every day for Andrzej Pągowski’s, Jerzy Flisak’s and Jakub Erol’s exhibitions.


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