Polska Arts in Edinburgh / Autumn 2013

This showcase of Polish culture is scheduled for the autumn, after festival season, so that Polish culture can be experienced and tasted by those who shy away from the crowds of tourists visiting Edinburgh in August and by students back in town. 


A highlight of the programme is a research junket by Song of the Goat Theatre, culminating in a short presentation of their “Scottish Project” at Summerhall. The project kicked off in 2012 and will conclude with a premiere during the Fringe Festival in August 2014. This unique project combines musicological and ethnographical exploration with artistic creativity to offer a variation on the subject of returning to one’s roots.
Post-junket meeting: 29 September

The play “The Hagiography Of Estate Saints,” directed by and starring Agata Kucińska, is one of the most compelling works of puppet theatre in recent years. In this depiction of a group of high-rise estate residents, the actress takes a sincere eye to the human condition, mixing the commonplace with the mystical and ordinary life with sainthood.
Play: 10-12 October, 7 pm

For youngsters, we have in store an unforgettable and mesmerising attraction – the Interactive Platform created by the WRO Art Centre, where anyone can compose music simply by running. The colourful surface is equipped with advanced technology that registers motion and converts it into sound.
Open from 4 October to 15 November

All events held at Summerhall.


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