What is new this week?

 Another festival week is coming, there are going to be plenty of planned attractions, check what is happening! Play Poland Film Festival starts in three cities: Belfast, Glasgow and Sunderland.


The 3rd edition of the festival starts this week in Belfast; prepare yourselves for three intensive and full of festival’s attractions days.
It starts on Thursday (October 17th) with the screening of Katarzyna Rosłaniec’s film “Baby Blues” in theOdyssey Cinema at 6.30 pm.
On Friday (October 18th) you should prepare for a very busy schedule.,First, the screening of “In the bedroom” by Tomasz Wasilewski followed bythe special screening of the Wajda School. Apart from the possibility of getting acquainted with Polish culture you can also try Polish cuisine; the additional attraction is the exhibition of French Comedy film posters. Moreover, we have also planned some events for children who can participate in workshops “My favourite film”. That is not the end! By the end of the evening we will inform you what are the results of the tombola organized during this event. We also would like to present to you the charity of Marie Curie Cancer Care and show the offer of Polish enterprises. We hope that you will come. The Sakinos Community Centre invites you for three hours of festival’s attractions.
The last day of the festival in Belfast is going to be a busy one. On Saturday (October 19th) we will start at 10.00 am and will finish at 1.00 pm. For three hours we will be screening films made inWajda School, Munk Studio and also “Kazik and the Kommander’s car”. Again, for the youngest we have prepared “My favourite film” workshops.

On 16th October at 8.00 pm Polish Sikorski Club will be hosting the Asian cinema film poster exhibition and screenings from Camerimage festival that will present you the world of obsession, crime and emotions.
On 17th October, at 6.45 pm we invite you to Grosvenor Cinema for the screening of “Manhunt” directed by Marcin Krzyształowicz. The film tells the story of the dark times of the war, the partisans and the dilemmas of people trying to get through these hard years.

On 18th October at David Puttnam Media Centre we are going to show the screenings of Platige Image and Munk Studio. It is an incredible opportunity to familiarize with these great animations and short films, both the ambitious productions and the other funny ones that promote Poland. We start at 5.00 pm

Till the end of the week (October 20th) you can admire the exhibition of selected Polish film posters at Filmhouse. We gladly invite all of the fans of the works of Andrzej Pągowski to familiarize with the presented posters.
On Tuesday (October 15th ) we begin one of the two screenings at Screen Academy. This week we are going to show you the works from Lodz Film School, we encourage you to familiarize with the programme of this event on our website or at Eventbrite where you can reserve you free ticket.
Two days later (October 17th) at Filmhouse you are going to have an amazing opportunity to watch the controversial film directed by Filip Marczewski “Shameless”.
The next event that you cannot miss is the projection of the Short Waves animations at Meow Studios. This event takes place on next Friday (October 18th) at 6.00 pm, for details check our website.
This week ends on Sunday with the screening at Summerhall. At 6.00 pm you are going to watch the Works of Katowice Film School. These ambitious films of young creators are definitely worth seeing.

We begin the second week of the festival inn Birmingham. Two days. Two screenings. You have to be there!
On 17th October (Thursday) at ORT café at 7.00 pm the screening of Short Waves short films and animations takes place, for more details check the programme of the event. Do not miss it!
On 18th October (Friday) at mac birmingham at 8.00 pm the film of Maciej Kowalewski “Three sisters T” is going to be screened.


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