Wajda School


dir. Piotr Małecki | 2015 | 33’

Cyprian, Filip, Ola and Kuba – four among fifteen young patients who are in a long-term coma. Their parents are determined to help them and bring them back to life. The film presents an unusual story of people, who are not giving up in the face of tragedy. Filled with hope, they and fight for the health of their children at the “Alarm Clock” clinic near Warsaw.

dir. Marcin Filipowicz | 2015 | 28’

The film follows the lives of two brothers : 14 year-old Mateusz and 13-year-old Łukasz, who live in a small mountain village in southern Poland. Like many boys their age they have a dream - they want to become great football players. The documentary presents the first and the toughest stage in their life that may lead them to make their life-long dream come true. The film is also a story of their father, who must prepare his sons to leave family home and face the world on their own.

dir. Natalia Krasilnikova | 2015 | 18’

Mykola Golowan, an old sculptor from the Ukrainian town of Lutsk, has been building his unique house for over 30 years now. The place has become a tourist attraction. The film tells a story about the everyday life of a person who does what he loves, does not pay attention to popularity or seeks acclaim. It is a story about the harmony of solitude.

dir. Monika Pawluczuk | 2015 | 40’

In a big city, many people are joined in one need: troubled by loneliness, they want to talk to someone.  Some among them call an emergency number 112, even if it is not really necessary: others call the radio. This time the subject of the broadcast is the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar. The speaker asks the listeners what it actually means to each one of them. In response they talk about things that are tragic and painful, and sometimes small and funny. Their need to be heard, to communicate and to share their experience with others is evident and moving. The radio links this night’s events and  binds    the elements of the film together.

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