Silesia Film School

dir. Aleksandra Terpińska | 2015 | 30’

Once upon a time in America... Two teenagers Anka and Dzastina, play around with their dreams about a better life. The two inseparable friends, bored with their everyday existence, decide to hitch-hike. A meant-to-be innocent adventure changes into an emotional game in which truth intertwines with fiction and the sequence of consecutive events irreversibly changes mutual relations of the characters and their perspective of existing world. 


dir. Katarzyna Warzecha, Alex Casianov, Martyna Majewska | 2015 | 18’

In an Arcadian setting, hidden amid calcic rocks, lies a village school, the smallest in the European Union, boasting a total of five children. Its students have a very realistic worldview and shape their dreams accordingly. They are more like adults than children. Only the five-year-old Christian allows himself to be swept away by imagination, entangled in a spider web of his fantasies. Will the world accept this fragile superhero? In this small student community certain social mechanisms become more visible than in large educational institutions. “If I Only Were A Spider” is a film about the norm rejecting that what is different and about the differences fighting to stay different.


dir. Martyna Majewska | 2014 | 25'

“Multiphrenia” is a short movie based on the classic novel “In Search of Lost Time” by Marcel Proust, which overturns the whole idea of adapting belles lettres. Young artists have done it in a very progressive and graphic way. They mixed styles and genres and used bourgeois themes in contemporary reality. Simple story about the spoiled aristocrat Marcel falling in love with the poor saleswoman Odeta. This movie has two recurring themes: mandarin fruit and mysterious white cow.

dir. Piotr Domalewski | 2015 | 15’

Night falls over a street of identical houses in an exclusive neighborhood. Marcin decides to invite his neighbors over for dinner. However, as he reaches their front door he notices something disturbing that will occupy his mind for the rest of the evening.

dir. Damian Kocur | 2015 | 30’

Modern-day Silesia. Ariel is a 25-year-old male whose entire life boils down to his beloved football team and his dog. For Karolina - a twenty-year-old girl raising a one-year-old child by herself - the career of a cheerleader in one of Silesian football clubs is an illusory chance for a better life. When these two people meet each other it leads to a clash of seemingly different desires, both rooted in solitude.


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