The Red Spider

dir. Marcin Koszałka | 2015 | 90’ | Poland/ Czech Republic/ Slovakia
Certificate (or suggested certificate) - 15, English Subtitles

Cast: Filip Pławiak, Adam Woronowicz, Julia Kijowska, Małgorzata Foremniak
Story inspired by truth events that took place in 60’ in Cracow, in communist Poland. Karol is a teenager from a good family. He is talented and a little bit shy. He learns well, has success in sport. Karol is like his fellows. His parents are proud of their son. They are planning a medical career for him.

Everything changes when he is accidentally a witness of a murder. He doesn't get into a panic, neither call a police… Pushed by strange „needs” he starts to search and follows the killer. Striving to uncover the truth about the murderer. Research slowly turns into a journey into the darkest recesses of human nature. Karol discovers this side of his personality, which existence he wasn't aware of or hadn't courage to name it. Film is devoted to reflection about mechanisms, that occur when “the serial killer is being born”.

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