New Horizons + 'Sarajevo: Femme Fatale'

dir. Miłosz Sakowski | 2015 | 30’

Tomek is working a 'grandparent scam'. Everything’s going fine until an elderly woman suddenly exposes him and locks him in her apartment. She proposes a deal: he'll get the money if he pretends to be her grandson when a social worker comes to visit…


dir. Joanna Zielińska | 2016 | Documentary | 22’ | Poland/ Bosnia and Hercegovina
Certificate (or suggested certificate) - 15, English Subtitles

Cast: Sejda Hujdur, Nataša Gaon-Grujić, Indira Buljubašić, Tihana Majstorović, Sara Ristić, Indira Buljubašić, Amra Pandžo

"Sarajevo - Femme Fatale" is a poetic picture of the city drawn with words and dance. Film depicts the silhouettes of six women, aged from 17 to 65. Their stories become deeper reflection on the city's past, present condition and future. Their voice interweaves with dancing refrains.


dir. Grzegorz Szczepaniak| 2015 | 29’

Andrzej decides to open a snail farm together with his friend. Despite the lack of experience, he believes in the success of the enterprise. Grzegorz Skalmowski from Pasłęk comes to the rescue; he is the Polish snail guru called ‘the Snail King’ and gives valuable advice. Preparations for the farm opening are in progress. During breaks at work, the men talk about life and death, love and friendship, which becomes the essence of the film and the snail grows to the proportion of the symbol of revival and eternal life.
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