Munk Studio I

dir. Tomasz Wolski | 2015 | 24’

The story of a mother and a daughter. They have not been in touch for many years. One day, the younger woman’s daughter fails to return home from school on her birthday. Despite the tension between them, the two women decide to set out to look for her. The crisis forces them to spend several hours of the night cooped up in a car together, bringing long-concealed emotions to light and triggering a soul-searching conversation about their relationship.

dir. Szymon Kapeniak | 2015 | 33’

Roma, Stach and Chudy work illegally in the grounds of a declining steelworks. Roma is in the throes of a burning romance and decides to leave the job, treating his new feelings as an excuse for changing his life. His friends aim to dissuade him. After a long day at work, they visit his significant other and one of the many versions of the tale of Cain and Abel unfolds…


dir. Krzysztof Pawłowski | 2015 | 34’

Karol has a whole heap of troubles. Concerned for her high-risk pregnancy, his wife has cast him out of the marital bedroom and relegated him to a narrow camp bed. At work, more and more youthful faces keep on appearing, all of them aiming to take over his job. His new neighbours make their obtrusive presence felt. Luckily, Karol still has a refuge, a sanctuary... the municipal swimming pool.


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