Jan Młodożeniec

(born in 1929, died in 2000) - poster and graphic designer, painter and master of Polish poster design. Author of over 300 posters, book covers, illustrations and drawings. Graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1955 under Professor Henryk Tomaszewski. Specialized in book and magazine lay-out, studio graphic work, and in posters since 1953. He cooperated with theatres, museums, publishing houses and others. 

Bright, vivid colours, humour and his ability to summarize the subject in one significant artistic symbol are characteristic of his works. He was constantly experimenting. His colourful posters distinguish logic of composition and the precision of simple drawing which surrounds blots of intense and pure colour.
Major awards: Honorary Mention at National Exhibition of Book Illustration, Posters and Small Graphic Forms in Warsaw; award at 1st National Biennial of Posters in Katowice, 1965; First Prize at 2nd Biennial of Applied Graphic in Brno, 1966; Silver and Bronze Medals at 4th and 7th National Biennial of Posters in Katowice (in 1971 and 1977 respectively); Silver Medals at International Book Fairs in Leipzig, East Germany (1965 and 1971); Gold Medal at 8th International Biennial of Posters in Warsaw (1980); Gold Medal at 5th International Biennial of Posters in Lahti, Finland (1983).

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