European cinema posters

The exhibition, through its diversity, portrays the complexity of European culture phenomenon, and at the same time attempts to overcome it in a pursue to create integrity. On one hand, visitors can take part in a time travelling experience to the currently non-existing countries, such as Yugoslavia, West Germany, Czechoslovakia whose complex socio-politic situation influenced (just like in Poland) the film production in this countries. In this context the exhibition refresh the audience's memory of the directors such as N. Dizdarevic or V. Madej, nowadays forgotten by many. On the other hand, visitors see the films created in Western Europe where the freedom of expression allowed artists, such as Fellini, to shine. Moreover, the collection of posters presented in the exhibition in a subtle way calls attention to the posters creators, who often deprived of the possibility to even watch a film they were supposed to illustrate, had to make use of their creativity to make masterpieces. Indeed, as time has passed, many of the authors, whose works are presented in the exhibition (such as Lech Majewski, Jan Młodożeniec) have truly become the masters.

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