Body (Ciało)

dir. Małgorzata Szumowska | 2015 | Black comedy, Drama | 90‘
Certificate (or suggested certificate) – 15, English subtitles

Cast: Janusz Gajos (the prosecutor), Maja Ostaszewska (Anna, the therapist), Justyna Suwała (Olga, the daughter), Tomasz Ziętek (the prosecutor’s assistant).

Awards: Silver Bear for Best Director at Berlinale, the Best Director Award at 13th Brussels Film Festival, the main prize in the Polish Feature Film Competition at 8th IIF of PKO Off Camera in Krakow.

Body” based on an original screenplay that Szumowska wrote together with Michal Englert, is a mixture of a comedy-drama and a psychological movie.

Poland, nowadays. The intertwined stories of a criminal prosecutor, his anorexic daughter and her therapist who claims she can communicate with dead loved ones.
Three radically different approaches to the body and soul. 

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