Hungarian cinema posters
Hungarian cinema posters

It is widely known that the Polish and the Hungarians are like brothers, which is visible in the exhibition of posters created by eminent poster artists such as: M. Wasilewski, J. Erol, L. Majewski and many more for the Hungarian films. What is more, among presented titles visitors can admire Hungarian posters for such films as: 'Fogjuk Meg Es Vigyetek' or 'Autó'. The exhibition is a perfect opportunity to see the posters to film by such respected directors as: I. Szabo, A. Kovacs, G. Szomjas and many others. They all represent different conventions and various film genres – from a documentary ‘Bukarest, 21:30’ [directed by Nicolae Merdżiujanu], through a drama ‘Just Like Home’ [directed by Márta Mészáros], to a crime story ‘Vulture’ [directed by Ferenc András]. Every visitor will definitely find something interesting to them in the exhibition devoted to the contact of two so close to each other nations: the Hungarians and the Polish.

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