Marcel and Paweł Łoziński at the Quadrangle Film Festival

Father and Son, dir. Paweł and Marcel Łoziński
"Father and Son", dir. Paweł and Marcel Łoziński
Anything Can Happen, dir. Marcel Łoziński
"Anything Can Happen", dir. Marcel Łoziński
Sisters, dir. Paweł Łoziński
"Sisters", dir. Paweł Łoziński

During this year’s edition of the Quadrangle Film Festival (14th - 16th September 2012) we will have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the works of, as well as meet in person, two acclaimed Polish documentary makers, father and son – Marcel and Paweł Łoziński.


Quadrangle Film Festival is a festival dedicated for innovative and creative documentaries. It is a unique meeting point for filmmakers from across the world, from renowned directors to young graduates of best film schools. The festival supports the dialogue between the rising talents and acclaimed documentary makers. The young directors are inspired with film screenings and debates. The experienced artists in turn benefit from getting a fresh perspective on documentary film thanks to the young people.

This year’s Quadrangle Film Festival audience can meet and talk as well as familiarise themselves with the creativity of two Polish masters of a documentary film – Marcel and Paweł Łoziński. Their works will be showed in the ‘Special screenings’, the category grouping the selected, most inspiring documentaries from all over the world. During the last year’s Quadrangle we could see Marcel Łoziński’s Anything Can Happen (‘’Wszystko może się przytrafić’’). This year both filmmakers will present the excerpts of their works and will talk about the latest project where the camera is pointed at them.

Marcel Łoziński – pedagogue and documentary maker. Graduated from the National Film School in Łódź in 1971. Nominated for Oscar in 1994 for the documentary ‘89mm from Europe’. From 1995 member of the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences).

Paweł Łoziński – Polish documentary director, son of director-documentalist Marcel Łoziński. The film ‘Place of birth’ (1992) has received many prizes at international film festivals. ‘Such a story’ and ‘Sisters’ have received equal acclaim as proposals for ‘documentary of presence’

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