Polish documentaries at the world festivals

3 days of freedom, by. Łukasz Borowski
"3 days of freedom", by. Łukasz Borowski
Paperbox by Zbigniew Czapla
"Paperbox" by Zbigniew Czapla
Reception by Łukasz Borowski
"Reception" by Łukasz Borowski

In September Polish documentaries will be presented at numerous film festivals across the world. Their audience in as many as 24 countries will have a chance to see 13 films.


September documentary film festivals will start in France where Silhouette Film Festival and Aye Aye Film Festival Nancy will take place. During the first one the audience will watch Maciej Bochniak’s ‘Reception’ (‘Przyjęcie’) and Łukasz Borowski’s ‘3 days of freedom’ (‘3 dni wolności’). Nancy festival in turn will witness Martin Rath’s ‘Written in ink’ (‘Co raz zostało zapisane’) to fight for the laurels. This documentary will also be presented during the competitions in three notable European festivals: Split Film Festival in Croatia, as well as Encounters Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival in the UK. Rath’s film can also be watched during competitions at five American festivals: The San Francisco International Festival of Short Films, Phenom Film Festival, 7th Annual Harlem International Film Festival, Crested Butte Film Festival and Milwaukee Film Festival. ‘Written in ink’ tells a story of a homeless alcoholic with a passion for tattoos. Each tattoo has a different story to tell and the fate has inscribed a lot of these on his body. The protagonist wants to make up for the mistakes of the past and persistently tries to renew contact with his siblings. Martin Rath’s film tells that we cannot erase from memory the things that have passed and have impacted our lives just as we cannot erase tattoos.
Numerously awarded ‘Argentinian lesson’ by Wojciech Staroń has a chance for a few more prizes. The film will be screened during a competition at the Latvian Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries and at the Golden Boll International Film Festival. Storoń’s documentary tells a story about a journey to Argentina as seen by the director’s son. The boy learns some Argentinian games but also discovers the thus unknown world of bitter childhood which is prematurely infected with adults’ problems.
The Polish documentaries will also be presented in the Southern Korea. The special screenings of ‘Interrogation’ (‘Przesłuchanie’) by Adam Palenta and ‘H2O’ by Tomasz Wolski will be shown at the DMZ Docs 2012 festival.
St. Petersburg’s Message to Man International Film Festival will also show a few Polish productions. Three titles qualified to the main competition: ‘Paperbox’ (‘Papierowe pudełko’) by Zbigniew Czapla, animated ‘3 days of freedom’ by Łukasz Borowski and ‘We Will Be Happy One Day’(‘Kiedyś będziemy szczęśliwi’) by Paweł Wysoczański. These will also be presented during: 7th International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania (‘We Will Be Happy One Day’), 8th World Festival of Animated Films In Varna (‘3 days of freedom’) and ‘Paper box’ at the aforementioned Silhouette festival. Also in St. Petersburg, Piotr Bernaś’s ‘Paparazzi’ will be presented during 11th Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning and during Hungarian 9th Miscolc International Film Festival the audience will watch Grzegorz Dębowski’s ’38,5’.

The UK cinemagoers will have a chance to watch Piotr Sułkowski’s ‘The Conversation’ (‘Rozmowa’), which will be presented at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival. This documentary will also be presented to the audience of the Brazilian Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival. The Polish documentary will be present in Mexico. ‘Sen San Juan’ by Jaquin del Paso and Jan Paweł Trzaska will fight for the grand prix during Festival International de Cine Puebla.

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