Polish films fight for a nomination for the European Film Awards

Statue of European Film Award
Statue of European Film Award

For now 25 years, the European Film Academy (EFA) has announced the most prestigious film awards in Europe. The esteem is comparable with the American Oscars. This year among 47 productions from which the Academy members will select nominees to the European Film Awards we will find as many as three Polish pictures: ‘In Darkness’ (W ciemności) by Agnieszka Holland, ‘Rose’ (Róża) by Wojciech Smarzowski and ‘Carnage’ (Rzeź) by Roman Polański.


The list of films competing for a nomination to the European Film Awards was announced on the 11th of September in Berlin. The choice was limited to 47 titles from 31 European countries and the awards will be presented in 13 categories. The award ceremony will take place on the 1st of December in Malta.
On top of the three Polish feature films, 3 other Polish filmmakers will have a chance to win the European Film Awards. In the short film category these are directors of documentaries: Marcel Łoziński for ‘Poste Restante’ and Paweł Ferdek for ‘The Glass Trap’ (Szklana pułapka). In addition, Waldemar Pokromski, Polish make-up artist has been shortlisted for a nomination to the special award – Prix d’Excellence, for his work on ‘Baader-Meinhof’.
The audience of the European Film Awards ceremony will also award its own prize to a selected picture. Internet users will also have a chance to participate in this process. Until 31st of October they can pick from European films on the EFA website. Among the 12 productions we can also find this year’s Oscar nominee ‘In Darkness’ by Agnieszka Holland. The voters have a chance to win an invitation to an official European Film Academy ceremony in Malta.

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