First screenings of PLAY POLAND Film Festival in Birmingham have started

"Paparazzi", reż. Piotr Bernaś
"Paparazzi", reż. Piotr Bernaś
"Aria Diva", reż. Robert Bolesto
"Aria Diva", reż. Robert Bolesto
"Bon Appetit", reż. Kuba Maciejko
"Bon Appetit", reż. Kuba Maciejko

Come to Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and enjoy Polish cinema! One of the first film screenings of PLAY POLAND FILM FESTIVAL will take place in Birmingham. On 29th and 30th September Ikon Gallery in Birmingham will host a screening of short films produced by widely acclaimed Andrzej Wajda School. Screening is organised in collaboration with the Birmingham Polish Expats Association. It is a free event. All films are in Polish with English subtitles.


Andrzej Wajda School has over 10 years. It was founded in Warsaw by internationally renowned film director and winner of Oscar Award, Andrzej Wajda and film director Wojciech Marczewski. It is based on the concept of ‘Film Group’model and focused on effectiveness of the group work method as well as co-operation of generations. In 2011 Wajda and Marczewski also established a production company – The Wajda Studio. The main Studio and School’s mission is to search for new talents among debutants. The most interesting young directors from Poland, but also from the whole Europe, have developed and produced their films there. Wajda Studio has had screenings and won at such festivals as Berlinale, San Sebastian, Karlovy Vary, Hot-Docs, IDFA and DOK Leipzig.

Programme of special screenings of Wajda School films in Ikon Gallery includes 3 documentaries and one short fiction. Detailed programme:

-12pm  "Bon Appetit", Poland 2010, dir. Kuba Maciejko (31 mins)
"Paparazzi", Poland 2011, dir. Piotr Bernas (30 mins)
"Aria Diva", Poland 2007, dir. Robert Bolesto (30 mins)
Bon Appetit
Aria Diva


Presented films have been acknowledged at many Polish and international festivals: “Aria Diva” won 6 awards at the best Polish film festivals for the best actress, the best fiction film and the best director. Documentary “Paparazzi” was nominated for European Film Awards. In turn “Bon Appetit” won an award for special social sensibility.


More information about Wajda Studio's films screenings at PLAY POLAND FILM FESTIVAL can be found on our website: wajda1, wajda2, wajda3.

Hope to see you on 29th or 30th September in Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. Bring your friends too!

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