Katowice Film School in McDonald Road Library in Edinburgh

We would like to invite you all for a special screening of four short films of Katowice Film School which will take place on 29nd of October in the McDonald Road Library in Edinburgh.


Films presented during the second edition of Play Poland Film Festival are some of the most acclaimed pictures of Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia, commonly known as Katowice Film School. The special screening will cover four short films showed at, among others, T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, Film and Art Festival ‘Two Riversides’ in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec as well as Lubuskie Film Summer.


‘The Whisper’(Szelest) directed by Mateusz Kościukiewicz is a story of Basia and Andrzej, a married couple bored with each other and everyday routine. During their annual holiday in the mountains they meet a couple of young tourists. The accidental encounter will prove to be fateful, leading to a surprising finale…


‘I Know Who Did It’(Wiem kto to zrobił) by Jan P. Matuszyński is a dark and mysterious tale of revenge, guided with anger and hatred. Upon his return from the army Bartek finds out that his girlfriend was assaulted. During his visit in a hospital one of the nurses points to a suspected perpetrator of the attack. Bartek decides to take justice in his own hands…


‘Porter from Mewa Hotel’(Portier z Hotelu Mewa) directed by Michał Janow is full of twists and turns, slightly grotesque story of Włodzimierz Zawada, who for number of years is having peaceful and plain life as a porter in one of the hotels. Unexpected discovery in one of the hotel’s corridors gets him into troubles. The accusations proved to be a conspiracy of the local government officials which has its own scheming mechanisms, so ruthless for an ordinary citizen…


‘Eclipse’(Zaćmienie) by Paweł Maślon is full of dismay story of a relationship between a father and a son. Adam has a comfortable life marked with successes: good job, own house, beautiful wife and a baby on the way. Everything has changed after a death of Adam’s mother which forces him to take over an inconvenient obligation of looking after his ill father. Adam cannot adjust to the new situation and decides to move his father to the nursery home. He doesn’t know yet how drastically this decision will change his life… 


The screenings of the most noteworthy productions from Katowice Film School will take place in McDonald Road Library. Admission FREE. We look forward to see you all there!

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Special screening of short films form University of Silesia will be organized in cooperation with the Polish Week in Edinburgh.



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