Wajda Studio - short films screening in Glasgow

On 31th of October (6.30pm) in the Sikorski Polish Club in Glasgow there will be screenings of two films: ‘Andrzej Wajda. Let’s Shoot!’ (Andrzej Wajda. Róbmy Zdjęcie!) directed by Maciej Cuske, Thierry Paladino, Marcin Sauter and Piotr Stasik and ‘Paparazzi’ by Piotr Bernaś. The pictures will commence a three piece series of specials screenings dedicated to films produced by Wajda Studio. The events will be accompanied by a second part of Jerzy Flisak’s film posters exhibition.


'Andrzej Wajda: Let's Shoot!' is an extraordinary record of a few months of struggle on the set, showing an atmosphere of work and a picture of immense film machinery, and at same time presenting the truest and intimate portrait of the Master of Polish Cinema, the Oscar winner. In 1957 Andrzej Wajda won the Silver Palm in Cannes for his film 'Canal', along with 'Seventh seal' by Ingmar Bergman. We meet him 50 years later, as the author of many important films, such as 'Ashes and Diamonds', 'Man of Marble' or 'Danton', now directing one the most important films in his career, 'Katyń', about the massacre in which thousands of Polish officers, including Wajda's father, were murdered by the Soviets, during World War II - a tragedy left unspoken for decades.

During the shooting of the film, 4 young documentary filmmakers - his former students had a chance to get closer and see how their Master works on his most intimate story. Extraordinary for his sensitivity, immeasurable passion, the feeling of mission and great diligence. But also in moments of tiredness, joy, failures, in conversations with people. Perhaps it is only on the set where one can see what Andrzej Wajda really is like.

The film by Piotr Bernaś presents a behind-the-scenes look at a much derided profession. 'Paparazzi' is the first Polish film to explore this topic. Bernaś looks at some of the most significant media incidents in Poland in 2010 from the point of view of the paparazzi, Przemysław Stoppa – from the hunt for Roman Polanski to the Smoleńsk Disaster. However, in the foreground we see the dramatic story of a man who makes controversial choices on a daily basis, and who consequently pays a heavy emotional, personal and ethical price. The main protagonist appears to be as ruthless towards himself as the world in which he hunts.

'Paparazzi' is a film about a world in which values are confused and rules are flexible – but it shows that there is always a second chance, where we can make our minds up about what kind of people we will be tomorrow.

Admission to all the shows and posters exhibitions is free.

31th October, at 6.30pm, Sikorski Polish Club in Glasgow:

- ‘Andrzej Wajda. Let’s Shoot!’ by Maciej Cuske, Thierry Paladino, Marcin Sauter and Piotr Stasik

- ‘Paparazzi’ by Piotr Bernaś

- Second part of Jerzy Flisak’s film posters exhibition

Translated by:

Maria Jaszek
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