Play Poland Film Festival The festival is a platform for Polish cinema

‘The festival is meant to be an achievements platform for Polish cinema, a space for close encounter between filmmakers and audience’ – said Mateusz Jarża, director of Play Poland Film Festival.


We are half way through the festival now. How would you review it so far?

M.J.: Very positively. I am not evaluating films but the festival atmosphere which seems to me to be extraordinary with each title being a good starting point for a discussion. I have not heard an opinion that any of those films was not worth talking about. My main concern was to help filmmakers and viewers mingle, to make them come closer together. The outcome of these meetings went beyond my imagination. We are now at the midpoint of the festival and I am very glad that our idea for the festival, as it appears, is really working.

Which movie has been the biggest event so far?

M.J.: All of the films are interesting and all constitute big events. Both, short and full-length films are very moving. Some of them are very powerful, even turbulent. We are happy about this, as such emotions are a sign of a good festival.

Is there anything you will want to change for next editions?

M.J.: I think that the present formula is working but we want to expand. Therefore we will be adding new events. We plan to organise workshops with filmmakers next year, there will be more concerts and exhibitions. Certainly, we will also expand to other cities and countries. There are already talks regarding events in the majority of Canadian cities, as well in Shanghai, Lisbon, and on Malta.

Play Poland Festival will last until 12th of December. What is still to come?

M.J. Special screenings of films from Andrzej Wajda’s school, Katowice Film School and Munk Studio will continue. Moreover, we will show Platige Image animations, the best films from Short Waves Festival and from T-Mobile New Horizons IFF. Furthermore, there will be poster exhibitions and concerts. I sincerely hope this rich repertoire, which we have planned, will satisfy everyone attending our festival.

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Magdalena Zawadzka
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