PLAY POLAND FILM FESTIVAL in Oslo (video report)

On 11th of November – that is on the Polish Independence Day – as part of the Play Poland Film Festival, the Showcase of Polish Films took place in Litteraturhuset, Oslo. The event was organised by The Young Polish Norwegian Professionals Association ‘UCI’ with the media patronage of – a web portal established for the Poles living in Norway.


Play Poland runs in Norway for the first time and becomes increasingly popular among the international community living in Oslo. During the Showacase screenings of Polish films in Litteraturhuset took the whole day. Among them there were such films as: ‘80 million’ (80 milionów) by Waldemar Krzystek, ‘Elles’ (Sponsoring) by Małgorzata Szumowska and ‘Long Live the Funeral!!!’ (Niech żyje pogrzeb!!!) by Darek Błaszczyk. The programme of the event included also short films, with 8 productions from a mobile repertoire of Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES – Short Waves Allround. Audience in Norway could also watch animations, i.a.: ‘The Chick’ (Laska) by Michał Socha, ‘Kinematograph’ (Kinematograf) and ‘The Cathedral’ (Katedra) by Tomasz Bagiński, as well as 20 minute animated interpretation of ‘Świteź’, famous Polish romantic ballad written by Adam Mickiewicz. The film, ‘The Lost Town of Świteź’ was directed by Kamil Polak.

Play Poland invited to the Showcase of Polish Films several special guests, including the makers of ‘Long Live the Funeral!!!’ – director Darek Błaszczyk and producer Kama Janczyk. The audience had an opportunity to discuss the film with the guests after the screening. The discussion was led by Adela Warać, with interpretation provided by Kajetan Grobelny. ‘Long Live the Funeral!!!’ is a full of black humour film about issues surrounding a clash of two cultures: Polish and German. This is a clash of a modern culture and a traditional one. Religiosity and secularism. The viewer will often find humour in situations that are, in fact, rather tragic. Błaszczyk has made a story, where the death of one of the leading characters– Marta Rose – becomes an excuse to renew family relationships among members living on both sides of the border. The film is also remarkably rich in fascinating personalities. We get to know a cheeky brother of the main character who swiftly manipulates government administration and who is married to a friendly and always overzealous housewife. We also see a sensitive and broken-hearted Marta’s husband, who after the death of his wife cusses out the whole world.

Due to the high enthusiasm of audience in Norway towards the Play Poland Film Festival, the organisers are considering next editions of the festival in Scandinavian states.

We highly recommend watching a video report from the Showcase of Polish Films in Oslo as well as the interview with the makers of ‘Long Live the Funeral!!!’ The video reports were produced by Ireneusz Jaworski from Vision Studio.

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