Let’s create a film poster! The film poster workshops by Andrzej Pągowski

During the Play Poland Film Festival an eminent Polish poster graphic Andrzej Pągowski will lead the workshops about a creation of film poster. Before the workshops he will also hold a lecture on the same subject.


Tadeusz Różewicz and Andrzej Wajda many times called Andrzej Pągowski their favourite poster design artist. He won prestigious awards both at Polish and international events i.e. in Chicago and in Los Angeles. He was conferred the Order of Polonia Restituta, moreover, he is also the author of more than 1,000 film posters, numerous graphics, illustrations, paintings and many other works of art.

Further details about the author are available at:

The aim of these workshops is to present how film posters were created according to the so called ‘Old School of Posters’ – it means without the use of modern graphics programs. Each participant, after taking part in the lecture, will design his/her own film poster under the master’s guidance.

The workshops are an unusual opportunity to meet the eminent artist, to broaden the knowledge about the history and the techniques of creating posters and a chance to design your own one. The best works will be exhibited during the next edition of the Play Poland Film Festival. In addition, each of workshop attendants will receive a certificate of participation signed by Andrzej Pągowski.

Detailed information about the event:
86-92 Causewayside
EH9 1PY Edinburgh
Time and date: 4th October, 3 pm (time 2,5h)
5th October, 3 pm (time 2,5h)
Language of workshops: English and Polish
Age of participants: 16+
Price: £ 6 – full, £ 5 – conc. (both parts), £ 4 – full, £ 3 – conc. (one part)

The organizer will provide drawing materials necessary to design posters.

‘Let’s create a film poster!’ by Andrzej Pągowski

Andrzej Pągowski was born on 19th April 1953 in Warsaw. He graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Poznań on Faculty of Posters Design under guidance of Professor Waldemar Świerzy. He is a graphic artist and an author of almost 1000 posters printed both in Poland and abroad. His works mostly consist of posters of films, plays, songs’ contests and art festivals. Furthermore, he creates press and books illustrations, album covers as well as TV and theatre stage designs, he is also an author of film and music video scripts.

• familiarize participants with the history and the techniques used to create a film poster nowadays,
• learn how to analyze and interpret film posters,
• create a film poster on a given topic.
• multimedia presentation,
• an individual creation of a film poster.
• the lecture,
• an individual work.
• a computer,
• sheets of paper, marker pens.

4th October;

1 An introduction (10 min)
2 The lecture hold by Andrzej Pągowski (30 min)
3 A break (10 min)
4 An individual work (100 min)
5 The end of the first day of the workshops

5th October:

1 A summary of the previous day (20 min)
2 An individual work (60 min)
3 A Break (10 min)
4 An individual work (40 min)
5 Choosing the best posters (10 min)
6 A distribution of certificates ( 10 min)
7 The end of the workshops

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