Polish Films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

The EIFF awards are back, including the Michael Powell Award honouring the best new British feature film from a shortlist of ten, and the International Competition providing a competitive selection of outstanding new films from around the world. This year's global focus will take you across the world from Britain to Denmark, through South America's Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and across to the Philippines and Japan. EIFF 2012 also traverses time with two very special retrospectives, focusing on Shinji Somai and Gregory La Cava. Celebrate the return of the Night Moves strand and classics from the archive including a newly restored Lawrence of Arabia.



We are especially excited about the two Polish feature films in the programme. It Looks Pretty from a Distance (Z daleka widok jest piękny) is competing in the International Competition, set in a small rural Polish village, where life is perfunctory with the inhabitants co-exist in a social if not so friendly manner. One of the main faces in the area is Pawe, the scrap metal dealer who lives with his mentally ill mother and is planning to marry his fiancée. When Pawe disappears overnight, a sinister shadow is cast on the picturesque scene. His absence is initially met with a bemused indifference, but bitterness and opportunism gradually creep into the goings on. In what seems like very little time at all, the entire community is in moral decline and no form of behaviour is too despicable for a group consciousness without any obvious saving grace.

The second Polish feature film in EIFF’s programme is Rose (Róża), telling the story of a widowed Polish Masurian, who attempts to survive in the aftermath of brutal attacks by Soviet soldiers in 1945. Living alone on her farm she is visited one day by a soldier, Tadeusz, who tells Rose he was present at her husband’s death. Unsurprisingly mistrustful of one another at first, an understanding gradually builds between them and Tadeusz finds himself unable to abandon Rose to the almost weekly attacks by Russian soldiers and desperate Poles.

Check out their website and have a look at the online brochure to see the full line-up of this year's programme. Also make sure to get connected on Facebook and Twitter @edfilmfest."

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