Polish Artists exhibition at the Edinburgh Art Fair

Polish Art Europe Ltd curates Polish Artists’ exhibition at the Edinburgh Art Fair. The Edinburgh Art Fair is the annual review of works presented by the best British galleries and artists. The festival is set to run between 14 and 16 November 2014 in Edinburgh and will bring together nearly 60 galleries from different British locations. 


The festival also provides an opportunity to experience artistic representations of non-British artists. Polish Art Europe has been selected to oversee the Polish stall. Here are some highlights!
The Edinburgh Art Fair which returns for the 10th edition owes its extreme popularity to its format. Edinburgh residents have this rare opportunity to peruse dozens of British art galleries without having to travel elsewhere. This annual gathering of English institutions in Scottish capital has also its social dimension - creates a sense of community and cultural continuity of the United Kingdom. On this account, it is extremely meaningful that other nations, including Poland, can represent their country and take part in building British community.

Polish Art Europe has been entrusted with organizing Polish gallery thus has became Art Fair partner committed to promote the event as part of Play Poland Film Festival. The largest mobile film festival, set to begin in October attracts cinema lovers interested in the Polish culture – the audience that may also be interested in visiting Edinburgh Art Fair. We therefore strongly believe that both events will attract large and joint public.

The selection for the Polish gallery has been based on both works sent by the individual artist as well as Bohema New Art Gallery and Publish Art Association collections. The selected paintings provide the audience with an overview of Polish visual art and its distinctive features as well as art that remains in the opposition to the main stream culture. Ultimately, Poland will be represented by 6 artists:  


  • Rafał Zar - graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice as well as Birmingham University (awarded an MA). Commissioned by Bohema New Art Gallery which has a track record of Polish and international exhibitions.
  • Dorota Sroka – a young painter from Poznań. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and Universite Rennes 2 in France. Her works focus on solitude and fear one may encounter with an overwhelming power of wildlife.
  • Justyna Sycz – a painter with an extremely interesting and all-round personality. The economist, the translator and project manager. Lives and works in Holland. Represents the avant-garde. Creates colourful, abstract paintings that break with academic convention.
  • Mateusz Jarża - studied at the University of Zielona Góra. Edinburgh has been his home and workplace for many years. A one-man institution: a painter, a photographer, graphic designer, head of Polish Art Europe and director of Play Poland Film Festival. A strong adherent of powerful means of expression and formal experiments in art.
  • Sebastian Ślęczka - represents photorealistic approach in his work, enriched by a detailed psychological analysis. This young graduate of the Cracovian Academy of Fine Arts has been considered one of the nine best world-class artists interpreting perfectionism in art. Apart from painting, drawing, graphic and graphic design, he also plays in a band – Maria Celeste.
  • Jakub Olejarczyk graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Zielona Gora. Involved in the creation of installation and painting.,
  • Seweryn Swacha lives and works in Poznań. He graduated from the High School of Art in Jelenia Gora and from the Institute of Fine Arts in Zielona Góra, at the Faculty of Painting. His work is heterogeneous and unstable and, as a painter he gives the impression as if he wanted to experience everything, every technique, every way of thinking about the image, see it for himself, on his own canvas, that it can work. And if it does not work, record a failure or malfunction.

The selected works are the effect of different means of expression and represent various art styles: from photorealism, through symbolism and eventually - abstraction. Despite extremely wide formal range, one can venture to find a common semantic content of the presented paintings. The artists by means of different measures, often instinctively, are trying to cope with the concept of Polish identity. Just like in “The Wedding” by Wyspiański, in a frantic artistic parade the audience faces heroes of the past (Mateusz Jarża – “Piłsudski”), today’s enemies (Seweryn Swacha – “Putin”), the allegory where tradition is swallowed up by commercialism (court jester Stańczyk embodied by McDonald’s clown – Seweryn Swacha), symbolic representations of national faults and contemporary state affairs (mainly works by Rafał Zara). Ultimately, comes a fine mosaic which should stir up a discussion on a complex issue of Polish mentality and encourage cross-cultural encounters.

Join us at the Edinburgh Art Fair – a place where art meets fun, the present meets the past and international organizations collaborate with the aim of providing audiences with the best experience of visual art.

Watch this space!
Edinburgh Art Fair
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Translated by Beata Wojtczuk

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