'Reborn babies' exhibition on Play Poland Film Festival

The Reborn babies exhibition showcasing works of six Polish artists will be one of the events accompanying this year’s edition of the Play Poland Film Festival. It starts on October 10th and will be open along with Tomasz Płonka's exhibition in Meow Photography Studios in Edinburgh until October 16th.


Marcelo Zamenhoff, Seweryn Swacha, Anka Leśniak, Michał Jankowski, Arti Grabowski and Diana Ronnberg are young and resolute individuals with fresh approach to visual arts and new media art. They express themselves using both traditional forms such as paintings as well photography, video and performance. Modern means of expression accurately reflect contemporary fears associated with human entrapped in new culture models. Without attempts to capture their real life examples, multiculturalism, culture diversity, cross border, self-oriented, creolisation and other phenomena that have been studied for many decades would only remain theoretical concepts. This exactly what drives the group of young Polish artists in their Reborn babies project. They relate to the issue of equality in all possible ways including racial, linguistic or religious belief.

With these in mind, it is worth acknowledging also the symbolical meaning of the exhibition’s location. The United Kingdom is a second homeland for thousands of Poles of old and new migrant communities. Their feelings and social perception matter. Are they contributors or maybe intruders? Scotland is of particular importance here as it is at the edge of its independence referendum. It has its own internal tensions surrounding their fight for freedom associated with a development of subcultures. All above have a positive impact on stimulating creative process of forming new social dynamics, behaviour and means of communication. Reborn babies is an attempt to portray these processes and reflect on them. Is it still possible that our past can help us create new authentic identity for our future?

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