The seventh birthday of Polish Art Europe

The seventh birthday of Polish Art Europe

The upcoming edition of Play Poland Film Festival is not only the celebration of polish cinema abroad, but also the pretext to celebrate the seventh birthday of Polish Art Europe. On this occasion, party combined with vernissage of festival exhibitions will be held on 10 October in Meow Photography Studios in Edinburgh. There will be guests, refreshments and live music. You can’t fail! 



Since 2007 Polish Art Europe acts to spread a polish art and culture - it all started in Great Britain, now all around the world. Through the years we were able to create a Polish-British surface of cultural understanding and cooperation. Our projects are to support and introduce into the environment polish emigrant artists, and also to promote value creators living in Poland and abroad. For about the past four years PAE has been most noted and known as a promoter of famous Play Poland Film Festival. Cyclical event further internal integration of polish people and acts as the means of tightening ties with the local community. Screenings are striated by the exhibition of film posters and the works of Polish plastics, lectures, workshops etc. 


Every year artists from Poland, who are willing to meet with the festival audience, visit us. Similarly the same will take place at the upcoming edition of PPFF. We invite all friends, faithful participants of the event and completely new people, who are interested in Polish culture and our activity, particularly on the second day of the festival. On the 10th of October vernissages of two festival exhibition will take place in Meow Studios - participants will see the works of Tomasz Płonka (the author of the poster for this year’s edition of PPFF) and collective exhibition titled “Reborn Babies”. At the meeting, authors of the works, Michał
Jankowski, Tomasz Płonka and Maciej Pieprzyca - director of well-known film titled “Chce się żyć” which will be screened at the opening inaugural projection, on the 9th of October. We, team of Polish Art Europe will be there also, with homemade cookies. Everyone can count on birthday champagne with strawberries or a glass of wine, which will certainly encourage you to dance to music played live. We expect a lottery, whose winner will take home gadgets such as T-shirts, bags, posters with autographs, tickets to the Edinburgh Art Fair and many others.

We invite you! Presents are not obligatory. 


Meow Photography Studios
86-92 Causewayside, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH9 1PY, United Kingdom


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