New Play Poland Film Festival's prize draw

The day of 9th of October seems to be a pretty huge date for Polish cinematography. This year Play Poland Film Festival will take place in seven British and Northern Irish cities again. We will present features and short films, documentaries and animations as well as exhibitions, concerts and workshops – all of those in a great atmosphere. 


We have invited the best Polish artists and directors to cooperation. If you've already participated in the previous editions, you know, that the quality is second to none. On Thursday, our official opening gala takes place in Edinburgh and for the next two months you can expect outstanding Polish pieces carefully selected from the most recent achievements of cinematography and contemporary art. But you already know all this.

The unknown is the fact that we are planning another big prize draw. On Wednesday, 8th of October at 12:00, the Promo Video of the 4th edition will be released on Play Poland's fan page. The rules are simple as usual – all you need to do is to share it on your wall. If you do it, you will automatically participate in the prize draw, where you can win Festival gadgets. We've prepared for you T-shirts, linen bags, posters, tickets to Art Fair and catalogues signed by our festival guests: artists and the logo designer Tomasz Płonka, director of "Life feels good" Maciej Pieprzyca and artist Michał Jankowski. Be quick! Contest will last just till Friday, and the winners will be announced on Saturday. Good luck and see you at the Festival :D!

Monika Mądrzejewska
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