Munk Studio during Play Poland Film Festival

Special Screenings of Munk Studio films during Play Poland Film Festival

15th October, 6.30pm @ Summerhall in Edinburgh

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Munk Studio, which operates within the structure of the Polish Filmmakers Association, produces short and full-length debut films. Young artists who are aiming to make their first film can depend on Munk Studio for support and guidance during the entire process, from the development of their project, throughout its production under fully professional conditions, to the widest possible promotion of the finished product. Debut shorts can be made with the Munk Studio under the auspices of three programmes: '30 minutes', 'First documentary' and 'Young Animation'.


Bartosz Konopka's Fear of Falling, produced by the Munk Studio is both the director’s first full-length feature and the Studio’s. Bartosz Konopka received an Oscar nomination in 2010 for his documentary short, Rabbit ? la Berlin. Another full-length feature is, Maria Sadowska's Women's Day. The Studio is currently working on the development of further full-length feature debuts to be made by Poland's most talented young directors.


At the Munk Studio, our primary concern is to ensure that young filmmakers can develop their talent under supportive conditions. We operate under the conviction that what is vital for a director making their crucial debut film is a creative atmosphere and the establishment of individualised conditions for growth. At the Munk Studio, every project has its Artistic Mentor, who guarantees individual, substantive support at every stage of the work on the film. The Artistic Programmes Committee also watches over the progress of the various projects. We strive to reflect the best traditions of the Zespoły Filmowe, Poland’s former, unique film units; our young directors enter into penetrating discussions of their own and their colleagues' screenplays during weekly meetings. We immerse young artists in the work systems of professional film production, whilst, at one and the same time, assuring them of the time they need for the optimal development of their talent in order to achieve the very best final effect attainable.


During The 4th edition of Play Poland Film Festival will be presented the selection of the '30 minutes' divided in two separate screenings and the 'First documentary'. 

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