Through the director's eye - photography exhibition

"Through the director's eye" - photography exhibition curated by Prof. Krzysztof Hejke


The photographs taken by students of film directing are the result of exploration and knowledge of the technological possibilities of "painting with a light".



Over twenty years ago, rector of the Łódź Film School, Wojciech J. Has, offered me a possibility of becoming an “art of cinematography and photography” lecturer. At that time I thought that the golden age of photography had passed away; I couldn’t be more wrong, I can see that now. Every year brings technological innovations to photography, allowing experimentation and creation of new means of expression. Together with my students, we have entered the age of digital photography, but even though the silver gelatine process and darkroom techniques are one of the compulsory classes today.

That is why I introduce my students to various technologies to become a tool for descibing the world or expressing emotions. These skills are to help them in making movies, works more complex than photography itself. This exhibition presents a part of our activities.


prof. Krzysztof Hejke 


11-25th October, Filmhouse Cinema Corridor Gallery, Edinburgh

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