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Chłopcy by Paweł Orwat's promotional material
source: portalfilmowy.pl
"Chłopcy" by Paweł Orwat's promotional material
Shot from the movie Powrót by Ewa Bukowska
source: portalfilmowy.pl
Shot from the movie "Powrót" by Ewa Bukowska

Ewa Bukowska’s 'Powrót' ('Return') and 'Chłopcy' (The Boys) by Paweł Orwat are two brand new productions of the Munk Studio – a new partner of Play Poland Festival. These projects are developed as a part of the ‘30 minut’ programme which enables young filmmakers professionally produce their debuts.


'Powrót' will be one the first Polish films about contemporary war and its destructive impact on humanity. Bukowska, who also wrote the script for the film, tells a story of soldier coming back home after another military operation in Afghanistan. Having returned with reasonable savings after he has ‘built safe home for other nations’ he is now planning to finish the construction of his own house. Starring Agata Buzek, Marek Bukowski, Krzysztof Stroiński and Anna Chodakowska.
Another ‘30 minut’ project is Paweł Orwat’s 'Chłopcy'. It’s a thrilling picture of children growing up in one of the Kraków’s high block districts. Bored with their monotonous reality, they decide to change their lives. Nothing else matters, nothing can stop them. Scheming their outrageous plan absorbs them completely. The director explores the dark, vicarious side of human nature and man’s fascination with violence and death.

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