Polish days for International Film Industry

Shot from the movie Papusza, director: Joanna & Krzysztof Krauze
Shot from the movie "Papusza", director: Joanna & Krzysztof Krauze
Shot from the movie “All Mateusz’s Woman, director Artur Więcek Baron
Shot from the movie “All Mateusz’s Woman", director Artur Więcek "Baron"
Actors: Kazimierz Kaczor (the left) & Janusz Gajos (right) in the movie Closed Circuit, dir. Ryszard Bugajski
Actors: Kazimierz Kaczor (the left) & Janusz Gajos (right) in the movie "Closed Circuit", dir. Ryszard Bugajski

Deliberations between organisers of the 12th T-mobile NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival and a number of international film industry officials resulted in a creation of Polish Days where the latest Polish productions are presented to cinema professionals from all over the world. The co-organisers of the initiative are: City of Wrocław, Polish Film Institute and a film distributor – Film Commission Poland.


Each year New Horizons IFF assembles numerous cinema professionals. In 2011 there were as many as 400, thus the organisers decided to unlock this potential in order to promote Polish cinema. Throughout the Polish Days both Polish and international film industries will have a chance to meet and representatives of the world cinema will see the latest Polish productions during special, closed screenings between 21st and 23rd July. Polish Days programme includes seven completed films, eight ‘works in progress’ and seven pitching presentations about the films currently under development.
The organisers expect 150 participants. Among them selectors from such festivals as Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Tribeca IFF, Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Gothenburg; sales agents like Wild Bunch, Les Films du Losange, Hanway, MK2 and LevelK; distributors: Epicentre, Soda Pictures, Neue Visionen, Urban Distribution, Gutek Film as well as television channels including TVP and Polsat. Polish producers coming to Wrocław, among others, are Opus Film, Akson Studio, SF Kadr, Skorpion Arte, WFDiF, Metro Films, Federico Film and Prasa & Film.

Below is the list of films selected for screenings during the Polish Days:

Completed Films:
• “All Mateusz’s Woman", dir. Artur Więcek "Baron"
• "Man at War", dir. Jacek Bławut
• "Manhut", dir. Marcin Krzyształowicz
• "My Father’s Bike",dir. Piotr Trzaskalski
• "Viva Bel@rus!" (Zyvie Bel@rus!), reż. Krzysztof Łukaszewicz
• "Nigdy się nie dowiesz", dir. Jan Kidawa-Błoński
• "You’re a God",dir. Leszek Dawid
Works in Progress:
• "Exercise Of Life" , dir. Wiktoria Szymańska
• "Last Floor", dir. Tadeusz Król
• "Papusza", dir. Krzysztof Krauze & Joanna Kos-Krauze
• "The Big Leap" , dir. Kristoffer Rus
• "Closed Circuit", dir. Ryszard Bugajski
• "The Congress", dir. Ari Folman
• "Chce się żyć", dir. Maciej Pieprzyca
• "Wałęsa", dir. Andrzej Wajda
Pitching Presentations:
• "Ciemna materia", dir. Andrzej Żuławski
• "Demon", dir. Marcin Wrona
• "Hoang means Yellow", dir. Paweł Ziemilski
• "The Mute", dir. Bartek Konopka
• "After Death", dir. Magnus von Horn
• "The Sound Of Nature - The Nature Of Sound" , dir. Jacek Piotr Bławut
• "Traces", dir. Wiktoria Szymańska

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