Kill It and Leave This Town won the Polish Film Festival

For the first time in the history of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, the award for the best film – Golden Lions received a full-length animation directed by Mariusz Wilczyński – „Kill It and Leave This Town”. Silver Lions were awarded to the film „Sweat” by Magnus von Horn. Festival, which organiser is Polish Film Institute, was held online.

The winners of the Golden and Silver Lions, as well as individual prizes in the Main Competition were awarded by the Jury composed of: Lech Majewski (chairman of the jury), Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska, Marcin Lenarczyk, Ryszard Lenczewski, Dorota Masłowska, Jan P. Matuszyński, Cezary Pazura and Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska. The Grand Prize „Golden Lions” for the best film „Kill it and leave this town” went to director Mariusz Wilczyński and producers: Ewa Puszczyńska and Agnieszka Ścibior.

The „Silver Lions” award for the film „Sweat” went to director Magnus von Horn and producer Mariusz Włodarski. The „Golden Claw” award in the „Visions Apart” category for the film „Magnesium” went to director Maciej Bochniak and producers: Leszek Bodzak and Aneta Hickinbotham.

„Sweat” dir. Magnus von Horn

Individual prizes were awarded to: – Magnus von Horn for directing the movie „Sweat”


– Piotr Domalewski for the script for the film „I Never Cry”
– Jan Holoubek for directing debut for the film „25 years of innocence”
– Michał Dymek for cinematography for the film „Sweat”
– Hania Rani for the music to the film „I Never Cry”
– Marek Warszewski for the set design for the film „Magnesium”
– Franciszek Kozłowski for the sound in the film „Kill it and leave this town”
– Agnieszka Glińska for editing the film „Sweat”
– Waldemar Pokromski and Agnieszka Hodowana for make-up for the film „Magnesium”
– Dorota Roqueplo for the costumes for the movie „Magnesium”
– Aleksandra Konieczna for the supporting female role in the movie „Sweat”
– Tomasz Włosok for the supporting male role in the film „How I Became a Gangster. True story”
– Magdalena Koleśnik for the main female role in the movie „Sweat”
– Piotr Trojan for the main male role in the film „25 years of innocence”
– Zofia Stafiej for her acting debut in the film „I Never Cry”

„Love Tasting” dir. Dawid Nickel


Microbudget Film Competition and the Short Film Competition

During the Award Ceremony and Closing Gala of the 45th PFF, the winners of the other two film competitions were also announced. The award for the best film in the Microbudget Film Competition went to director Dawid Nickel for the film „Love Tasting”. Other awards granted by the jury composed of Filip Bajon (chairman of the jury), Agnieszka Wasiak and Marcin Koszałka were also announced after watching 6 films. The jurors listed the following honourable mentions: for Sandra Drzymalska for „exceptionally interesting portraits of young heroines shown in the films”: „Love Tasting” directed by Dawid Nickel and „Everyone has a summer” directed by Tomasz Jurkiewicz. Another Honourable Mention for Michał Pukowiec for „adapting the form of photography to the collective portrait of the micro-community” in the film „Love Tasting” directed by David Nickel.

Lucjan Bokińca Award for the Best Film in the Short Film Competition went to director Olga Bołądź for the film „Alice and the Frog”. The jury composed of: Aneta Hickinbotham (chairwoman of the jury), Jagoda Szelc and Jarosław Sokół) after watching 27 films, it unanimously awarded with a Special Jury Award for the film „Equinox”, directed by Daria Kasperek and Honourable Mention for the film „Beyond is the day” directed by Damian Kocur.

„Alice and the Frog” dir. Olga Bołądź

„Platinum Lions”, awards for lifetime achievement funded by the Polish Filmmakers Association, were collected by directors Andrzej Barański and Feliks Falk.

The 45th Polish Film Festival was held online on December 8-12, 2020 in Gdynia.

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