Play Poland is back!

After disappearing for a couple of years, the popular festival that has earned a reputation for promoting Polish culture in the UK will re-emerge on the map of cultural events. We weren’t there just for a few moments but things have changed in the meantime and quite a lot… The world of secure and determined values shook to its very core, many a hurricane – of political and ideological passed, many of us had to redefine our functions and attitude in this agitated and quivering structure of our society. In this difficult time – time of dramatic changes, difficult decisions and great uncertainty – we decided to be with you again and give floor (and screen) to those cinema creators who accepted the challenge of capturing the fragments of the world that took a sharp turn… And it is those images and stories that make the substance of Play Poland Festival.
PPF will show the British viewers a Polish point of view on modern problems, on one hand emphasizing all that is universal but also the particular Polish ways of perceiving them. What has always been the strength of the Festival is its rich selection of movies of premium quality and the presence and active participation of movie creators. This edition will not differ – the panorama of contemporary Polish cinema will be accompanied with extra events – interviews with the artists, panels, exhibitions. In this (post)pandemic reality that we are living in, this year the Festival will take place in cyberspace (with possible return to its traditional form, depending on current situation)  and will be a cinematherapy of sorts, for the viewers lacking visual stimuli. It is a condensed injection of good filmic energy, very beneficial for spiritual and intellectual health of the modern cinema goers.
In this edition of the Festival we are adding a competition section, divided into two categories – feature and documentary. Both those categories should not be treated as definite – we certainly hope that the participants will try to break through the set frames of types and genres. We not only care about trespassing formal boundaries but also those divisions and ruptures that emerged through dramatic events of past months/years. We also want to showcase new territories that opened and made a good ground for solving important issues. We are waiting for inspiring stories that point out the problem, that tease and surprise with both the form and the content, that signal potential solutions/directions, films that will be fascinating and inspiring and make the viewer involved.
Tomasz Sztajer
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