The online edition of the Play Poland Film Festival

The ongoing pandemic has brought significant changes to the ways many nations, societies, public institutions, companies, and individuals function today. The impact has been felt across almost every area of our lives. 
The pandemic has also led to soul-searching within the festival industry in Poland and around the world, forcing many events’ organisers to rethink their approach and move into the virtual realm.
Holding festivals online allows organisers to expand their audience and reach viewers from all over Poland and beyond. 
Virtual festivals can take on entirely new dimensions that go beyond viewers in the big cities, and deliver the highest quality cinema to a mass audience.

Play Poland Film Festival - PPFF - is one of the largest Polish film festivals. In 2021, the festival is taking a truly innovative form, and will be presented entirely online via technologies such as a fully secure VOD platform.

The seventh edition of Play Poland Film Festival will be delivered online, generating new, previously unavailable opportunities to reach viewers.
A purpose-built virtual platform, with several live streaming channels, will serve as a centre stage for meetings with authors, competitions, conferences, workshops and interviews with directors and artists. The platform will also enable directors and guests of the festival to meet their fans, without the need for travel. 

In addition to the rich tapestry of planned film screenings across a wide range of genres, the festival will also deliver virtual exhibitions and film reviews.
PPFF 2021 will bring into focus the social and psychological problems caused by the pandemic, presenting a vision of a post-covid future and ways of dealing with a new reality. The festival will also offer cinematic commentary on environmental issues, disinformation and infodemics.
The program will include works by young artists concerned with the challenges of the contemporary world, and a cinematic homage to the work of Stanisław Lem the guru of Polish sci-fi literature and author of ‘Solaris’.

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PPFF teamed up with Blob Studio to deliver this year’s edition of the festival. Blob Studio is a group of experienced designers and artists, as well as marketing, communication, film, advertising, branding and 3D graphics specialists. The Studio’s diverse team shares a singular mission: to use their creative potential and knowledge towards projects focused on people, society, culture, and environment. 
The creative collaboration between the PPFF and Blob Studio enabled a fully virtual delivery of the 2021 festival edition.
Blob Studio’s technology provides an online platform for all types of artistic events, including festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, projects and other initiatives which seek digital presence.

The platform’s streaming capabilities facilitate the organisation of video-conferences, workshops, artistic events and social activism in line with Blob Studio's ideas - live, from anywhere in the world. The audience is invited to comment and direct questions to the events’ guests, presenters and speakers. Blob Studio’s platform, in the making for many months, will become a hub for promotion of cinema, culture and art.

Blob Studio was created to help brands, companies and institutions in promoting actions, products and events that place at their core people, environment and respect.
Blob seeks to partner with similar-minded organisations and companies to promote highest quality art, ask pertinent questions and guide towards paths worth following in today's world.

A full list of benefits and ways to partner with Blob Studio will soon be presented to a wider audience. The studio directs its offer to socially responsible businesses, start-ups, NGOs, and institutions related to culture, art, environment, circular economy, education, health and other projects improving the quality of people's lives.

This new formula for the PPFF - developed thanks to the knowledge, creativity and commitment of the Blob studio - offers a platform capable of reaching unlimited audiences globally. This significantly extends the activities of PPFF, including the opportunity to partner with Polish organizations from around the world. All this to create content of the highest aesthetic quality and relevance that resonates with the audience.
For the first time in the history of the PPFF, the seventh edition of the festival will be fully eco-friendly: no printed materials or film tapes will be produced or used during the entire event. Unlike past editions, this year’s festival will be available to audiences beyond selected cities, thanks to the newest technology, the expands the reach to global audiences.

Katarzyna Ciesielka
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