ODD ONE OUT wins again in the USA

Actors: Kinga Preis and Roman Garncarczyk on the movie plan
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Actors: Kinga Preis and Roman Garncarczyk on the movie plan

A comedy ‘Odd One Out’ has received the main prize for the best foreign film at the New York independent festival Long Island International Film Expo 2012. ‘It seems that the topics of this film are interesting to all audiences and irrespectively of a nationality, whether you’re an American or a Pole, everyone can understand it’ – as Paweł Wendroff, the director of the film, has commented on the award.


The prize at the New York festival is yet another award for the film received in the United States. This would mean that this deep and grotesque picture portraying contemporary Poland, and typical for Poles type of humour is also understandable for the viewers in America.
The film tells a story of 30 year old Kuba (Bartosz Turzyński) who, persuaded by his parents, decides to get his first job. He becomes a deliveryman but from the first day he simply has got a bad luck. Moreover, the situations he witnesses make up the strangest day of his life. Wendroff’s film is full of ridiculous situations and funny, often astonishing twists and turns. The director engaged brilliant actors in the production, apart from Turzyński the film features: Kinga Preis, Wojciech Pszoniak, Piotr Adamczyk and Jacek Braciak.
There were about 200 feature films, short films and videos from the USA, Australia, Israel, UK, Italy and Russia selected for the New York festival.
The award at the Long Island International Film Expo 2012 for Wendorff’s film is yet another one for them in the USA. In 2011 the picture received prizes at, among others, Santa Fe Film Festival, Syracuse International Film Festival, The Lighthouse International Film Festival Long Beach Island, 2. World Music and Independent Film Festival as well as Columbia George. That is why, despite non-commercial character of the New York festival, the director has taken steps in order to allow the film to be distributed in the US cinemas, TV and on DVD.

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