Three Polish productions with awards at the IN THE PALACE festival

Co-financed by the Polish Film Institute „Ondine” by Tomasz Śliwiński, „The Dress” by Tadeusz Łysiak and „May the World Not Carry You” by Rozalia Ogonowska won awards in three competition sections of IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival in Bulgaria.

Organized since 2003 in Bulgaria, IN THE PALACE is one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in Europe, dedicated to short films, new media and digital art. The event qualifies for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards as well as the Student Film Academy Awards.
In the official selection of the 18th edition of the event, which took place online from February 27 till March 6, were eight Polish productions. Apart from the winners, there were also the films „It’s Good Like That” by Marcin Sauter and „Your Own Bullshit” by Daria Kopiec, and in the student sections: a short film „East West” by Natalia Koniarz and animations: „Guilt” by Marcjanna Urbańska and „Such A Beautiful Town” by Marta Koch.


A short feature film produced by the Munk Studio and Harine Films, and directed by Tomasz Śliwiński, received the main prize in the Not Short At All Film Competition category. Earlier, it won, among others special awards for the Best Actor (Bartosz Bielenia) at the Warsaw Film Festival. It was also shown at festivals in Woodstock, Raindance and the Student International Film Festival STIFF in Croatia.

Cezary (22) still lives with his mother (50) and he is in love with Emilia (20), a rock singer. He also has a dark secret. One day all three of them have to deal with the mythical Ondine and her curse. There is a myth about Ondine, a water nymph, who fell in love with the mortal. Because of his infidelity, she put a curse on him that he would breathe only as long as he remembered about this. And so he died, as soon as he fell asleep. There is also a rare medical condition called Ondine’s Curse.

„The Dress”

Tadeusz Łysiak’s „The Dress” was recognized as the best student fiction film at IN THE PALACE. The image by a student from the Warsaw Film School has already won the Let’s Include competition during the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival in India, and was also awarded at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in the Best Actress category for the leading role of Anna Dzieduszycka. The film also participated in the International Film Festival in Moscow, Krakow Film Festival or Odense International Film Festival.

„The Dress” tells the story of Julia, who works at a roadside motel and is overwhelmed by the ubiquitous sense of rejection and loneliness. She is different and the society has made it very clear to her many times. She dreams of a relationship and physical intimacy with a man. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome truck driver and her fantasies start revolving around him.

„May the World Not Carry You”

The award for the best student animation at the Sofia festival went to Rozalia Ogonowska for the film „May the World Not Carry You”. It is a cel animation, each frame is painted by hand, using acrylic paint. The film has already taken part in the Anima Animated Film Festival in Brussels.

It is a sad love story inspired by polish folk song. The betrayed girl decides to commit suicide during the wedding of his love.

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