Black Mill with an award at the festival in Moscow

The film „Black Mill” by Mariusz Palej received the award for the best script at the Moscow International Children’s Film Festival. The winners are Magdalena Nieć and Katarzyna Gacek. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and has been financially supported under the „incentive” system operated by the PFI.

The film had its world premiere at the 25th Schlingel International Film Festival in Germany, where it received the Youth Jury Award. It also won the MARCINEK award for a feature film at the 38th International Festival of Young Audience Films Ale Kino! in Poznan. The picture is aimed at a family viewer and contains elements of science fiction.
In addition, it was presented at the Audiovisual Infantil Festival (FICAIJ), BUFF in Malmo, FIFEM in Montreal and Just Film Youth and Children’s Film Festival (POFF) in Tallinn, and was also included in the selection of festivals: Kino w Trampkach – Feature Film Competition and Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival.

Film plot

Twelve-year-old Iwo lives in a small post-PGR village. The symbolic point in this deserted place is the ruined Black Mill – once the workplace of many parents. It is the whole world of Iwo and his friends. By breaking the prohibition on approaching the old mill, the children accidentally turn on its bad energy. From now on, nothing will ever be the same again.

Objects and animals begin to disappear. Adults are also disappearing. From a carefree little egoist, Iwo has to turn into a responsible, brave boy. He begins to appreciate his disabled, previously unaccepted sister – it is thanks to Mela’s supernatural abilities that the children manage to solve the mystery of the Black Mill. Together, they overcome bad energy, the community is reborn, and the inhabitants can build a new future.

Cast and Crew

The film is based on the best-selling novel by Marcin Szczygielski of the same title. The director is Mariusz Palej, the authors of the script are Magdalena Nieć and Katarzyna Stachowicz-Gacek, and Wojciech Węgrzyn stands behind the camera. The cast included, among others Marcin Dorociński, Magdalena Nieć, Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Maria Ciunelis, Magdalena Różańska, Robert Talarczyk, Grażyna Bułka and Janusz Chabior.

The producer of the film is TFP, and the following were invited to co-production cooperation: Heliograf, RioDePost, Orka production studio, Cafe Ole, and Masovian and Warsaw Film Fund.

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