Director : Kuba Czekaj
Producer : Uniwersytet Śląski (Katowice) - Wydział Radia i Telewizji
Actors : James Fordham (Brzucho), Emilia Stachurska (Mysza), Monika Kwiatkowska-Dejczer (Matka Brzucha), Arkadiusz Janiczek (Ojciec Brzucha), Maria Maj (Pielęgniarka środowiskowa)
Year of production : 2010
Running time : 32 min

A short editing – winner of many national and international prizes. A story of 11 years old boy nicknamed Brzucho (Belly). Belly is a laughing stock among his peers. His parents try to change him at all costs, get him to lose weight. Belly however has his own way of dealing with the negative emotions, he starts to self-inflict wounds. He burns his plump fingers with cigarettes, cuts them with razor…yet it is a secret. Soon he will reveal it to a friend, his secret crush…

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