Director : Marta Pajek
Screenplay : Marta Pajek
Year of production : 2011
Running time : 14 min

"Sleepincord" raises the issue of dream. Dream is the meeting point of the world of body and mind; it is intangible for us and hard to examine thoroughly. It happens inside but, at the same time, outside of us and, therefore, gives rise to anxiety. Dream takes us to the world where rules are variable and when we wake up we enter the world, which we can sometimes fully control, while occasionally “something” controls us and makes a decision for us. The real word, the rules of which we apparently know and which is seemingly predictable, appears to be similarly deprived of logic. While moving from one reality into another, there is a change in the artistic convention in the film. The struggle to take control over reality which is getting out of hand, leads to a conflict. The main character is lost in the intermingling realities.

Marta Pajek graduated from the Graphic Design Studio at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, studying under Jerzy Kucia. She also sudied in Finland under the Estonian filmmaker Priita Pärn. Pajek's cinema style is shaped by an interest in the arts, graphic design and also theatre, psychology, spirtuality and human experiences. Music plays a significant role in her productions, cooperating with Darek Makaruk and Tomasz Chołoniewski on her films to create a unique sound. Her films have been recognised in Kraków, Belgrade and Łódź. In 2011 she won the Se-ma-for Film Festival in Łódź for the film "Sleepincord".

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