The Guardians

Director : Krzysztof Szot
Screenplay : Krzysztof Szot
Actors : Sebastian Fabijański, Jerzy Łapiński, Przemysław Bluszcz, Joanna Sydor, Dominika Janik
Year of production : 2013
Running time : 15 min

Mark – newly commissioned guard, freshly out of academy is ordered to serve at the desolated frontier post in the middle of a vast woodland. Only those with travel permit are allowed to pass through the barrier guarded by Mark and his Superior. First day of service is interrupted when a young couple with a child arrives at the border. The husband is missing a travel permit for him and the child but refuses his wife to travel alone. He tries to convince Mark to turn a blind eye and let them all through but to no avail. As a last resource they decide to camp at the barrier.

Krzysztof Szot

Born in 1986 in Lublin (Poland). Graduated from Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw in speciality of Film Directing (2008). Master of law at Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (2010). Scholarship winner of National Polish Television "Dolina Kreatywna" Film Contest for young filmmakers (2010). Best Director and Best Screenwriter nominee for Polish Independent Film Awards (2010). Berlinale Talent Campus 2012 alumnus.

Director of numerous short films, docu dramas, tv series and commercials. Working also as a first assistant director (films/TVs/commercials) and dubbing director (TV series/films/games).

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