Director : Joanna Wilczewska
Screenplay : Joanna Wilczewska
Actors : Iza Kała, Katarzyna Kołeczek, Piotr Bajtlik, Piotr Domalewski, Adrianna Biedrzyńska
Year of production : 2012
Running time : 29'13 min

“Mika” is a perfidious prequel to a romantic comedy, in other words, what happens before She meets He. If, that is, any kind of meeting will ever occur, for nothing in this story is self-evident and nothing happens in accordance with the schematics of the genre. On the contrary, every twist and turn in the life of the heroine, a thirty-year-old journalist, has new and unexpected consequences. What role does Chance play in all of this and how much of it is conscious choice?

Joanna Wilczewska

A graduate of both the Institute of English Studies and the Institute of Journalism at the University of Warsaw, as well as the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw, Joanna was involved with the Features Production department of TVN from 2005 to 2011. As a screenplay writer and director, she has several etudes to her name, including "The Truth Tapes, or How to Make a Cult Film in a Weekend" and "Q".

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