The Chicken and the Egg

Director : Ewa Podgórska
Screenplay : Ewa Podgórska
Year of production : 2012
Running time : 25'36 min

A group of variously-aged women arrive in a large house in the country for what they refer to as ‘the Circle’, an informal gathering where the participants, away from the daily rhythms of their lives, share their experiences. The film tells a story of relationships between mothers and daughters who strive to overcome the pattern of unhappy lives and discover a path toward mutual understanding. Taking part in the ‘women’s circle’ is intended to help them achieve this.

Ewa Podgórska
A graduate in cultural studies from the University of Łódź and film production from the National Film, Television and Theatre School in the same city, Ewa is currently studying on the Dok Pro course at the Wajda School. She has directed a documentary film, "Whisper" and is the author of numerous articles on culture, art and the media, as well as film and literary reviews. She has worked on the direction and production side on a number of film sets.

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