The Princess and the Wall

Director : Małgorzata Kozera
Screenplay : Małgorzata Kozera
Year of production : 2012
Running time : 14'02 min

“What I’d most like to do is work in a... where women walk around in fashionable dresses. I’d like to be an actress. And I’d like to be gorgeous and for all the boys to be in love with me and for everybody to know who I am.” Thus confides Kasia. She is six years old and has a copious
imagination and an abundance of energy, dreams and plans. She is sharply observant of the world around her and very far indeed from naive. An intimate portrait of a little girl and the reality in which she is growing up.

Małgorzata Kozera
Małgorzata graduated in ethnology and cultural anthropology and went on to study directing at the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. She has made a number of shorts, both documentaries and features. Her étude "25 Married Couples and 1 Threesome" has been screened at several dozen film festivals around the world, receiving a number of awards, including the Grand Prix at the 1st Happy End Multimedia Festival in Jelenia Góra and the Medienwerkstatt award for the Best Work from Central and Eastern Europe at the 12th dokumentART European Film Festival for Documentaries.

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