Director : Tato Kotetishvili
Screenplay : Tato Kotetishvili
Producer : PWSFTViT
Actors : Gocha Jikhashvili, Valeri Cercvadze
Year of production : 2012
Running time : 10 min

Somewhere off the beaten track, far away from big cities, a man puts up his stand selling watermelons. Those few local drivers who pass it, remain unimpressed. Only tourists stop to take a photo of this peculiar attraction. This kind of a business cannot be profitable. To make things worse, a competing enterprise emerges on the other side of the metalled road. The film shows one day in the life of a watermelon seller.

Tato Kotetishvili 

born in Georgia in 1987. Student of the Cinematography Department at the Film School in Łodź. He has worked as a cameraman on numerous students’ films. He is also a director and photographer; his photos have been exhibited, among others, in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

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