Written in Ink

Director : Martin Rath
Screenplay : Martin Rath
Producer : Polish National Film School in Łódź
Year of production : 2011
Running time : 11 min

The main protagonist is a homeless alcoholic living in the dregs of society. He is a tatoo enthusiast, with almost all of his body covered in ink. Each tatoo resembles a different story, of which there were many. Despite the uneasy possition he finds himself in, he is trying to take his life in his own hands once again and make up for the wrong he did in the past. After many years apart he is trying to reconnect with his siblings. Althogh his sister ignores his telephone calls and his brother doesn’t want to speak with him, he doesn’t give up hope that something may still change in his life. Martin Rath’s beautifully shot documentary shows how difficult it is to erase from the memory what has already happened in the past by revealing how deeply each new experience marks one’s life.

Martin Rath

grew up in East Berlin. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and is currently studying at the Directing Department of the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He is an author of short fiction film Like Father like Son (2009). Written in Ink is his first documentary.


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