Normal People

Director : Piotr Złotorowicz
Screenplay : Piotr Złotorowicz
Producer : PWSFTviT
Year of production : 2011
Running time : 25 min

George Orwell’s words ‘sanity is not statistical’ fully reflect the idea of the film. Daniel, who has just been released from prison, is trying to make a new life for himself. It is not easy – he must take care of his alcoholic mother and find a job. Maybe he can find some happiness in a new relationship with a medical rescuer he has just met? Normal People are people with their secrets and weaknesses but also with dreams about a better ‘normality.’ Will they manage to realize their dreams?

Piotr Złotorowicz
born in 1982 in Dębno Lubuskie. A graduate of the Electrical Engineering Faculty at Szczecin University of Technology. In 2006 begins studying film directing at Polish National Film School in Łódź. "Charcoal Burners" is his documentary debut.

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