Three Sisters T

Director : Maciej Kowalewski
Screenplay : Maciej Kowalewski
Actors : Rafał Mohr, Bogusława Schubert-Massoc, Małgorzata Rożniatowska, Ewa Szykulska, Natalia Szyguła, Izabela Kuna, Agnieszka Roszkowska, Remigiusz Grzela, Witold Zmitrowicz, Ewa Kowalewska, Janusz Chabior, Łukasz Simlat
Year of production : 2012
Running time : 85 min

The three sisters live on one of the highest floors of a tall shabby building. They are nothing like the typical Chekhov protagonists who yearn for a better, more just world, one that is ideal. Three women, all older than 50, they seem to accept the dullness of their everyday lives. Cooped up in their four walls sometimes they divulge in sentimental, though ghastly memories. They justify the inertia of their lives by the presence of Robert (Rafał Mohr), the handicapped son of one of the sisters.

Three Sisters T is a dark comedy with elements of a psychological thriller based on a true story. It tells the story of Robert, a 35 year old man who since his birth has always been looked after by his mother and her sisters and is still treated like a child. The family cares about appearances and their reputation, but behind that façade, evil lurks. It turns out that their apartment is the nest of three degenerated women, murderers and perverts constantly abusing Robert physically and mentally. When a young and innocent hairdresser named Marianna shows up, Robert finds the will power to leave the nightmare he has been living in.

According to the director, the multi-layered film with rich dialogues form a sort of cruel caricature of the absorption of the male kind by the feminine element: I am award of the fact that the film may bring up extreme feelings. That is the kind of film I wanted to make. My starting point was a true, very tragic fact and the rest is pure confabulation, my vision of human nature in a specific place of inner battle with his own demons.

Maciej Kowalewski is an actor, scriptwriter, writer and theatre director. He graduated from the Higher State Theatre School in Kraków. He was the director of Warsaw’s Teatr Na Woli. His 2006 play 'Miss Hiv chich' he wrote and directed was said to be one of the season’s most controversial premieres and earned him an award for directing at the Exhibition of Modern Polish Art in Warsaw and during the Modern Art Festival Raport in Gdynia. 'Three Sisters T' is Maciej Kowalewski’s feature debut and an adaptation of his play entitled 'Three Sisters Trupek / Trzy siostrzyczki Trupki' performed in Warsaw Teatr na Woli in 2010.


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