Behind the Poster

Director : Marcin Latałło
Screenplay : Marcin Latałło
Year of production : 2010
Running time : 52 min

This film will be the first documentary about one of the most important graphic movements of the XXth Century: the Polish Poster School. It became a phenomena world-wide in the 1960-70’s. Polish posters expressed the freedom of their creators in the communist times. The posters, present in everyday life and linked to the cultural and historical events, also tell the story of post-war Poland, of censorship in the communist times and the ways artists found to bypass it, of the relationships of Poland with the rest of the world, especially with France, many of the famous Polish poster artists emigrated there and where many famous French graphic designers first studied in Poland. Now Poland has integrated the European Union, what is the place of the heritage of the post-communist countries in the contemporary culture, dominated by mass entertainment and the market laws?

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