Polish shit

Director : Grzegorz Jankowski
Screenplay : Tymon Tymański
Producer : Dariusz Pietrykowski
Actors : Grzegorz Halama (Czesław Skandal, "The Transistors" manager), Filip Gałązka (Zbigniew Gruz, "The Transistors" percussionist), Robert Brylewski (Stan Gudeyko, "The Transistors" musician), Tymon Tymański (Jerzy Bydgoszcz, "The Transistors" leader), Arkadiusz Jakubik (Dudek Meissner, "B.Sex" leader), Sonia Bohosiewicz (Giga), Olaf Deriglasoff ("Płk. Kalita i Zryte Berety" leader), Mikołaj Lizut (Zoltar), Jan Peszek (Roman Bloom), Marian Dziędziel (Jerzy Bydgoszcz Sr), Krzysztof Skiba (manager Prucnal), Czesław Mozil (Andrzej, "The Transistors" fan from Kołobrzeg), Jacek Bieleński (Jacek, organiser of "The Transistors" concert in Łódź), Leszek Możdżer (Roman Bloom's footman), Bartłomiej Topa (director of Polwsad show), Marek Grabie (host of Polwsad show)
Year of production : 2014
Running time : 93 min

Reactivated music band "The Transistors" sets off for a tour organized by their new manager, debt collector Czeslaw Skandal. Their bus is driven by a friend, Stan Gudeyko, - once a leader of the legendary punk-rock formation "Yperite". On their tour, musicians will encounter many hardships and disappointments, which will put their friendship and patience to the test. They will soon discover that Skandal is cast from a different mold - knows shit about music and has a completely different hobby. Furthermore, the declining music industry is not a place strewn with roses.


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